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Password Workforce Writing Intro
Password Writing assesses a test-taker’s ability to write an easy essay, report or email etc. Test-takers are presented with a choice of two prompts.
Test-takers are given instructions regarding length and content
Write an email to your manager asking for a week’s holiday.

You have 20 minutes to write your answer.
You should write more than 50 words.

  • Give a description
  • Give reasons

Your score will be based on this.

Write your answer in the box below.

Word Count: 0
Dear John,

I am writing to request a week’s holiday next month, from October 12th – 16th inclusive. I appreciate that this is rather short notice, but my sister will be visiting me from Canada and I would very much like to spend time with her and show her the sights.

Please let me know if you can approve this. I will of course ensure that all my work is up-to-date and will delegate important tasks to avoid any disruption while I am away.

Kind regards,